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Yes, we all know of or have heard of the blue light brigade, that cavalcade of cars on the highway that we have to make way for!

In this case though, we’re referring to blue light blockers for healthy eyesight.
And not the Robert Downey Jr Mr Iron Man’s blue-tinted specs, but a very innovative filter/coating on your glasses that helps deal with our day-to-day technological lifestyles.

First, let’s understand a bit about the scientific side of things with regards to blue light filters.

Due to its high energy and close proximity to UV light on the electromagnetic spectrum, blue light has a bad reputation.

Currently, there’s a lot of information available about the effects of prolonged exposure to all the LED gizmos we use that emit blue light, like laptops, phones, TVs, and other gadgets.

But in this case, too much of a good thing is a bad thing! 

So, With knowledge comes power, and below we’ll show you how to avoid the blue-light pitfalls.

Ok, let’s ask the million-rand question:
Do blue light blockers help?

(🥁 drumroll…) The answer is, yes!

Long periods of exposure to blue light can cause eye strain, ocular tiredness, and even insomnia.

When you have blue light filters on your glasses, your vision feels more relaxed. Furthermore, what the filters do is protect your eyes and reduce the amount of dangerous blue light in your field of vision field that causes eye strain and disrupted sleeping patterns.

For somebody who spends their entire day using digital screens, it is the best option. It not only shields your eyes but also offers better contrast no matter what you’re seeing!

Let’s look now at some simple lifestyle tweaks you can make
to give you blue light peace of mind!

The last one is the most important.

Make an appointment at your nearest Vision Works to discuss having blue light filters put onto your glasses, and always make sure you’re taking the best care to #loveyoureyes