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What is it?

A platform that allows for optometric consultations online, and sharing of eye health information with patients. We make use of communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices so that you may speak to our optometric consultants remotely. By using iTelehealth, you can save time, money and hassle.

Male wearing glasses on itelehealth call with optometrist
Why iTelehealth

Consult from the comfort of your own home!

There are many reasons a person may not easily be able to come to a store. Below are just a few:

  •  Long or antisocial hours can make it hard to come to a store.
  •  People without cars don’t have the same level of flexibility.
  •  It can be tough for people who live further away.
  •  Often, one look is all it takes – it is possible to diagnose an eye health issue in seconds, rather than a patient going to all the trouble of traveling to an optometrist.

What you'll need

Google Meet on your PC, tablet or phone

i.e Desktop PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device with a camera functionality.

Working Wi-Fi

You will need a stable internet connection, so that the consultation can run smoothly.

Your personal details

We required your personal details such name, contact details, address in order to get to know you and make an appointment

It will only take 5 minutes

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Fill in & sign the digital consent form

all done!

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