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Avo, the new “Super App” from Nedbank, is your convenient tap-through to all your shopping, business and healthcare needs.

Vision Works is proud to be in partnership with Nedbank’s exciting new “Super App”, Avo.

Firstly, the term “Super App” refers to a multitude of Apps integrated into one. With Avo, consumers and businesses can break through all the mobile digital clutter, making their daily lives easy and more manageable. It’s your tap-away access to a world of shopping and healthcare services.

Now, from the convenience of your home, you can order direct from Vision Works and pay for your eyewear, all in one super easy App.
Plus, there’s no need to queue because Nedbank Avo delivers straight to your door!

Frequently asked questions:

How do I get AVO?

The App is in its learning (beta) phase and is available to Nedbank staff and clients by registering on the Nedbank Money App. Once this phase is complete, Avo will become available to everyone.

How does it work?

Avo meets your day-to-day needs quickly and seamlessly. It is differentiated through its innovative rewards platform, which involves giving 1% cashback on most transactions and providing
free delivery across all product purchases that are over R450, with the exception of large appliances, which will cost a flat R250 fee.

Avo seeks to get the best deals possible for consumers, using Nedbank’s extensive and well-established corporate and business client relationships.

How safe is AVO?

Your Avo account is secured during signup through real-time verification of your personal details and identity.

All of your Avo Wallet transactions are secured by Nedbank. You also have the option of face and fingerprint authentication to use the App and Avo Wallet.

How much does AVO cost?

This incredible App is FREE.

So, wherever you go, know that Vision Works and Nedbank Avo is in the palm of your hands no matter what your eyewear needs may be.