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Autumn, the season of golden hues, blush orange tones and sharp yellows, is nature’s way of showing off in style. As beautiful as this can be, we seldom notice the autumn glare and how harsh it can be on our eyes.

During this time, the sun is lower on the horizon, so more UV rays are directed straight at our eyes and the sun’s glare may be harsher even when the rays aren’t as strong. A high-quality pair of Polarised lenses will reduce the glare from any reflective surface, plus they make images brighter, and more striking, helping your eyes feel less strained. Sunglasses with Polarised lenses or other UV coatings like Smart™ UV Lenses (as promoted in our Step into The Sun Promotion), help shield your eyes from these harmful autumn rays.

According to Doctorpedia, “being in the sun for too long can also damage the eyes, increasing your risk for various eye diseases including cataracts, macular degeneration, and even eye cancer”.

South African autumns and winters are generally mild and are perfect for any outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, and road/trail running. So, just as you would invest in the correct sporting gear, it’s important to invest in your eyes with a high-quality pair of sunglasses which can aid in performance as well as the long-term health of your eyes. Because the cooler weather brings chilly winds that carry dust and pollutants, these irritants can end up harming your eyes.

In an article published on, “the drop in temperature also causes the oil in the tear film to thicken – affecting the balance of the tears and their ability to adequately nourish and protect the eyes. Often, this results in red, dry, watery eyes, which are common symptoms of dry eye syndrome”.

Sunglasses not only create a barrier of protection, but they are fashionable statements as well.

Autumn 2023, as far as trends go, is full of great options to protect your eyes in a fun and sassy way.

Vision Works Optometrists exclusively stock Mó eyewear, a contemporary and stylish Spanish brand that’s always on point when it comes to showcasing the latest trends and styles. This leads us to the first “must have” of the season – clear/crystal frames.

With a wide selection to choose from, these frames complement any outfit and are a trend that will last several seasons. Paired with tinted or coloured lenses, clear/crystal frames stand out and add a unique point of difference to any look.

Another big autumn trend is the 70s aesthetic! This decade is synonymous with bold shapes, geometric style glasses and a sense of freedom towards your fashion choices. And yes, it’s all about having fun. So why not pair your flairs with bold oversized square vintage frames and stand out loud and proud?

Or, add flat-top sunglasses to your look and accentuate them with bold colours. Metal double-bar accents frame your face with a dramatic effect or vintage D-frames give you an overall sleek and edgy vibe!

Remember, no matter the frame, always speak to an industry-trusted Vision Works professional about our on-trend offerings and the latest UV lens technology to make sure Autumn 2023 has you covered.

These are just a few of the trends for the coming season. Yet, one trend that will never go out of fashion is having healthy eyes! Having regular eye check-ups at Vision Works is the best way to avoid complications later on. And knowing how to protect yourself and still be stylish, will allow you to truly enjoy this magical season.