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Brands have won awards for it. Consumers are attracted to it and the world can’t get rid of it!

Packaging – the necessary evil that has always played a leading role in any brand’s lifecycle. 

Today there is a strong shift in social responsibility and eco-consciousness, that beckons the question; are the packaging glory days finally over?

It’s functional and practical, however, eco-friendly and sustainable solutions are the only way forward. 

At Vision Works, we recognised the need for and undertook such a shift several years ago when we realized the harmful environmental consequences of certain types of packaging. 

Plastics, processed papers, styrofoam, bubble wrap and laminated papers are just a few materials that are hard to decompose and impact the environment negatively. Inks cause several problems as well, so biodegradable inks are now on trend! As well as sealing glue that is “friendlier” for the environment.

In a move towards “conscious”
packaging at Vision Works,

we did our research.

When you take home your new glasses or other purchases from one of our stores, they’ll be in biodegradable brown paper packaging with no ink and our paper-backed stickers decompose into clear water drops. Same for purchases made online. We ship everything in plain biodegradable boxes which all add to being environmentally savvy!

Create handbags, bowls, pot plant holders from newspaper and magazines; wind chimes from mixed materials; animals from plastics and paper; toilet roll bird feeders and so much more. There are thousands of upcycling uses you can find on the Internet and a lot are perfect for spending creative time with your kids. 

We all need to be mindful of our “waste footprint” and always make a plan to either recycle or upcycle.