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As if we don’t all have enough to worry about right now, between lockdowns and toilet paper
shortages, glasses wearers are about to experience a new hassle: fogged up lenses! Then
there’s the discomfort of having your mask get in the way of your glasses, and vice versa.


With the first gradual lifting of the lockdown due to take effect on May 1st, more people will
be able to go out to work – but they’ll be required to wear masks on public transport and
when near colleagues.

Clear skies but foggy eyes

This makes perfect sense, of course, but it also leads to the common problem of glasses
fogging up. Masks are a great way to prevent coughs and sneezes affecting other people,
but they also direct warm, moist exhaled air upwards – towards your glasses.

That’s where the problem starts – especially in colder weather, this air will start to condense
when it hits your relatively cold lenses. Wearing a mask is the responsible thing to do, but you
need to be able to see what you’re doing. So, what’s the solution?

More sunlight, less mist

Perhaps the easiest solution is to wash your lenses in warm, soapy water.
Let them air dry, or use a soft cloth to dry them (but not a tissue, as
these contain tiny woody fibers that can cause scratches). This will
create an invisible “film” on the surface of your lenses, making them less
likely to fog up.

If the mask fits, wear it

You can also try to reduce the amount of warm air that hits your lenses by
ensuring that there’s a really tight fit between your mask and your face,
especially across the bridge of your nose. If you’re making your own mask,
you could cut a slit in it to place a paper clip or pipe cleaner inside it. You
can bend the wire over your nose to create a closer fit.


Alternatively, use tape or a plaster to stick the top of your mask to your
nose – but beware of skin allergies and reactions. Placing a folded tissue
under the top of your mask will absorb some of the moisture when you
exhale, but you’ll need to change it often.

Who nose if this might work?

Wearing your glasses slightly further down your nose creates more space
for warm air to escape without fogging your lenses, but this might take
some getting used to. Also, it might alter your focal point, so you may need
to experiment. Well, you said you were bored during lockdown!

Glasses or mask – which comes first?

Right, we’ve blown the fog away – but what about feeling comfortable
while you’re rocking glasses and a mask? We’ve found two ways of
achieving this. The first one is dead simple – simply twist the loops that
hook over your ears so that they form an “X” against your cheek – this will
help prevent the loops tangling in the arms of your spectacles. As a bonus,
it also pulls your mask closer to your face – less fogging!

Button it!

If you’re into your crafting, here’s another comfortable solution. All you
need is two buttons (the kind with two holes) and two thin elastic bands.
Thread an elastic band through the holes in each button, then slide one
onto each arm of your glasses. You can then hook the loops of your mask
over the buttons rather than around your ears. Another neat way to avoid
tangles and fogging.

We’ve all had to adapt to a new way of life because of the coronavirus, and we’ve all got
things we’re longing for (whether it’s a cappuccino or taking the dog for a walk). One thing
that won’t be “mist” is fogged-up lenses!