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Eyeballs, peepers, orbs and blinkies, whatever you call them, our eyes are unique.  From their shape to the patterns of colour, our eyes are the windows to our health and personality!

In the last few decades, more and more research into the shape and colour of our eyes has provided some interesting “eye-opening” results.

blue, green,
grey eyes

People with these piercing and “sexy” eyes are often seen as cold, aloof and even critical!
They are also described as highly competitive and want to always be in control.
So, sports that put them in charge, like golf, darts and shooting, are where they excel the most.

According to research, light-colour eyed people are more at risk of contracting a type of cancer known as Uveal Melanoma.

Having regular eye tests can aid in this condition’s early detection and treatment. Depending on your overall health, the location and size of the melanoma will determine the type of treatment you will receive.

In addition, a European study suggested that a combination of blue eyes and fair skin puts you at a higher risk of getting type 1 Diabetes.

But, as we now know, by making positive lifestyle changes, you can lessen the risk of developing it.

brown and
black eyes

Brown, hazel and black eyes are the most common, as over 70% of the world’s population have darker eyes.

People with dark eyes are often perceived as being warmer, friendlier and more empathetic.

Researchers have also found that people tend to rank brown-eyed people as more loyal and trustworthy.

According to research, blotchy skin colour or Vitiligo, a condition associated with skin pigment loss, is more likely to occur with our warm-eyed friends. Another finding was that dark-eyed people are more prone to having Cataracts.

The shape of things to come

Round, monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned and almond, are the six main eye shapes. Each one is as unique and fabulous as the next.

People with bigger eyes are perceived as more open, passionate and creative.

Smaller eyed people are associated with being more logical, calculated and pragmatic.

No matter the shape, size or colour, early detection and treatment of any eye condition is critical to reducing its potentially damaging and long-term effects. Visit your nearest Vision Works Optometrist for an assessment of your overall eye health through a comprehensive eye exam. If you need some advice or have concerns about your eye health, we can help you out.

When you take care of your eyes and love them unconditionally, they will thank you for many years to come.