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Just what did we do before the revolutionary discovery of contact lenses? You just pop them into your eyes, and within seconds suddenly the world seems such a beautiful place! With the more recent development of soft and pliable lenses, contact lenses have never been more comfortable. 

If the idea of contact lenses is a foreign concept to you, then the below list of frequently asked questions might steer you in the right direction or shed a bit of light on your concerns.

  • Check the lens before applying; It should be a regular semi-circle shape

  • Always wear and care, never wear and share.
  • Wash and dry your hands before touching your contact lenses.
  • Don’t sleep with your contact lenses in (unless otherwise specified by your eye doctor).
  • Avoid wearing contact lenses while showering, swimming, or using a Jacuzzi.
  • Always handle makeup/hairspray after you handle your contact lenses.


  • When cleaning your contact lenses, rub and rinse them with solution each time.
  • Water or spit are not options for cleaning! Use only the solution recommended by your eye doctor.
  • Never mix the old disinfecting solution with new. Only use fresh disinfecting solution in your case.
  • Never store your contact lenses in water.
  • Make sure to replace your contact lenses as often as your eye doctor tells you to.
  • Use a clean tissue to rub and rinse your case daily with the solution, then store upside down with the caps off.
  • Get a new case at least every three months.
  • In case you need to take your contact out at any time, keep a pair of glasses handy at all times.
  • Make sure to visit your eye doctor once a year, or more often if needed.
  • Ask him/her questions about how to care for your lenses and case.
  • If you have eye pain, red eyes, or blurred vision, remove your contact lenses and call your eye doctor.

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