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We’re all using screens more – especially during lockdown. Our devices help us work from home, stay in contact and even entertain us – but at what cost?
Modern screens (like smartphones, tablets and LED and LCD TVs) emit a lot of blue light. While it’s part of the natural visible light spectrum, blue light can have important health consequences.

Long hours of staring at screens can lead to dry, irritated eyes. When you’re using screens, you tend to blink less. You could also be straining to read text in small fonts. In addition, too much screen time can lead to blurred vision and headaches.


Yes, blue light exposure can make it harder to fall asleep, as it can disrupt your body’s natural rhythms.

Optometrists advise that you take regular breaks from your screen and spend a few minutes each hour readjusting your eyes by looking at objects that are at different distances. One good rule of thumb is the 20/20/20 rule – that is, look at something that’s about 20 feet away (around 6 metres) for 20 seconds every 20 minutes. 

Minimise glare and reflections by using an anti-glare screen or a glare reduction filter on your monitor, and position it carefully in relation to lights and windows. If necessary, close your curtains to shut out bright sunlight. Clean your screen regularlyand adjust the brightness and font size to make life easier for your eyes.

Yes, slow, deliberate blinking can promote the production of tears, keeping your eyes moist and preventing them from becoming dry and irritated. You can also use artificial tears.


Yes, we’re always here to help you #LoveYourEyes. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms we’ve described, book an eye test and talk to a Vision Works eyecare professional about your screen time and how to make it less taxing for your eyes.

Preventing the eye strain caused by endless hours of screen time can be far easier than you think. A new remedy is now available as an add-on for your standard prescription lenses. BlueControl is a coating that neutralises the blue light emitted by digital devices and has been proven to reduce eye strain by up to 50%, helping to keep your eyes in better condition. With more comfortable and relaxed vision as well as better contrast perception, BlueControl lenses offer everything you need in the digital age. 

BlueControl™ lenses are exclusively manufactured by HOYA, one of the largest international lens manufacturers, and available at all Vision Works stores.