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By now, we all know the best ways to stay safe (and look out for others) during the corona-virus situation: as well as social distancing, we should be washing our hands and avoiding touching our faces.

What does this mean if you’re a contact lens wearer?

The eyes, nose and mouth are the four entry points for the virus. When you wear contacts, you must touch your eyes more often as you put them in, take them out or adjust them. Handling your lenses, which will inevitably go into your eye, can most definitely transmit this virus.

For that reason, we’d recommend that you rather stick to wearing glasses during this time.

If you feel ill in any way, you should also avoid using contacts as coughs, colds and the flu can all cause eye irritation. You will be more prone to getting eye infections and irritations to your eye surface.

Wearing your glasses will also help you save your supplies of contact lenses, as you may not be able to buy more during the lockdown.

Whatever kind of contacts you use, be sure to clean them thoroughly as per the instrustions, and never be tempted to wear them for longer than they’re designed for. Don’t reuse your cleaning solution, you will not kill any bacteria on the second use. Do not store lenses in water.

If you do decide to wear lenses, disinfect your hands and then wash any alcohol residue off your hands with soap and water. Dry hands with a clean, lint-free towel, that you have not used before lockdown and then only handle your lenses. Disinfect your lens case as well. Immerse your case in a cup of just boiled water and let cool to room temperature. Store this cup of boiling liquid safely out of reach. Remove your case and let it airdry upside down.

Washing and disinfecting is also important for glasses: we’d recommend using warm water and liquid soap.