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As children, the shape of our faces were small little blobs of cuteness every grandmother and aunt wanted to pinch! Then the teens arrived, and a flood of hormones changed our faces into a definable shape. And then the adult years crept up, and again, our faces changed.

So, when will all this face-shifting madness end?

Unfortunately, as we grow older, the shape will change again! So, how can we possibly know the correct shape of our faces?

Ok, to get to the closest answer, for now, there are a few steps to take. Firstly, move all your hair away from your face to measure three-key distances:

1. Forehead Width

Measure the distance across your forehead, from left to right.

2. Cheekbone Width

From your hairline above your cheekbone, measure the distance from one side to the next.

3. Jaw Width

From under your ears, measure the distance along your jaw up to the middle of your chin. Continue to measure the other side or multiply that number by two.

Now that you have these measurements, below are questions that should give you the closest answer.

There you have it!

But the truth is, no matter what shape your face is, Vision Works will find you the perfect look that shows the world that you have arrived and are proud of who you are. And when the shape of your face changes again, we’ll be right here for you.