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To get polarised lenses or not?
Now that is the question!

In general, South Africans like to be seen as untouchable sun worshippers, often spending hours and hours outdoors.

While some people are well aware of the many advantages of polarised lenses, others don’t have a clue! And that’s why this topic is so polarising. So, let’s clean our lenses and see the facts clearly for once and for all.

shedding light, literally

Having polarised lenses on your sunnies reduces the overall glare of the sun, especially from horizontal surfaces like roads, water, grass, sand and glass.

Using a special chemical coating that filters out damaging sun rays, you get to enjoy a crisp visual experience minus the eyestrain, blurry vision and headaches.

When you wear polarised lenses, images can appear slightly darker. But this does not impair the overall colour and clarity of what you’re seeing.

So next time you’re outdoors in the bush or lying on the beach, squint less and enjoy the moment more, knowing your eyes are protected.

Polarized lenses: 

  • Eliminates glare and harsh reflections
  •  Neutralises excessive brightness
  •  100% UV-A and UV-B protection

a visual

a visual

However, there is another side to the story.

Many people wearing polarised lenses struggle to see objects like an ATM screen, LCD car dashboard, cellphone screens and other digital devices. The reason for this is that many LCD screens also have a built-in polarised filter to reduce glare and combined with the polarised lenses on your sunnies the two filters cancel out each other, making the screen look dark.

But once you’re aware of this, accept it, smile, and know that your polarised lenses are doing their job!

It’s time to get
off the fence!

It’s time to get
off the fence!

Like anything in life, if you don’t protect yourself adequately, you become vulnerable to the consequences. Cataracts, cancer, tumours, vision loss and blindness, are just a few of the damaging
effects of harmful sun exposure.

Photokeratitis is another lesser-known condition that may occur. When you spend too long outdoors, the harmful UV rays can cause temporary vision loss, and in extreme cases, it can last a lot longer!

Think of it as sunburn on your eyes!
But for this condition, unfortunately, there is no cooling after sun lotion you can apply.

At Vision Works, we want you to love your eyes and take care of them in the best way possible.

If you are concerned or just want to know more about sun damage to your
eyes, contact your nearest Vision Works Optometrist to make an
appointment today.