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It is a universal truth that sunglasses make you look cooler. Whether you’re a pop star or popping out to the shops, a pair of sunnies adds the wow factor to any outfit. More importantly, sunnies can help protect your eyes from the damaging effects of the sun’s penetrating UV rays.

However, that’s only true if you buy – and wear – the right kind. There are a lot of myths surrounding sunglasses, so let Vision Works set the record straight.

Myth: Sunglasses are optional

Sunglasses are in fact a necessity if you want to prevent corneal, and retinal damage to your eyes, as well as the delicate surrounding skin, from UV radiation. One can be easily prone to developing pterygiums which are growths on the cornea, early onset cataracts, as well as damage to the retina, the sensory layers at the back of the eyes.

Myth: Designer sunnies are best

Expensive shades may look cool or get admiring glances, but the lenses are not necessarily better than those in less expensive sunglasses. What’s critical is that they offer ‘100% UVA and UVB protection.’ Ensure that you purchase your eyewear from reputable dealers to ensure that the lenses in fact offer the level of protection they claim to.

Myth: Size isn't everything

Bigger sunglasses cover not just your eyes, but also the sensitive skin around them. That’s a win-win situation. Smaller lens designs in contrast can allow UV light to reach your eyes around the edges of the lenses.

Myth: Scratch and sniff

A scratch on your new sunglasses won’t affect your vision, but damage to the lens can cause eye strain. To avoid scratches, keep your sunnies in their protective cover when you’re not wearing them. Use a lens spray and soft cloth to clean them.

Myth: Any pair cuts the glare

Not true – to reduce glare (especially useful while at the beach, when driving or fishing, for example) you need Polarized lenses to eliminate glare from horizontal surfaces. If you wear prescription sunnies, why not ask to add on an any reflection coating too!

Myth: Sunglasses come with an expiry date

It’s true that fashion comes and goes, and last year’s hot ticket could look a bit outdated this summer. However, as long as you look after them and don’t lose them, you can wear your sunglasses – and get protection from them – year after year. If you keep them long enough, your sunnies will get that retro-cool vintage factor! However, if you wear prescription sunnies, make sure to get them updated when you update your clear pair too!

Vision works wishes you a happy holiday season, stay hydrated for your eye health too, and love your eyes! Pop into any one of our stores to take advantage of purchasing high end fashion sunglasses, with a guarantee of high quality lenses at a whopping all year round 20% discount off the marked tag!


Designer shades always offer better protection
Your sunglasses should block 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
Bigger lenses provide better eye protection.
You don’t need to protect the skin around your eyes; just your actual eyes.
Scratches on your lenses will make your eyes feel tired.
Green lenses aren’t as good as brown lenses.
If you want to reduce glare, you need polarized sunglasses.
You should buy new sunglasses every summer.
Plastic sunglasses are fantastic.
When it comes to lenses, the darker the better!
No-one should wear sunglasses in winter.

Polarised Lenses

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