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It’s 2022 and the new breed of male is finally here! He cares about his appearance, his actions and even has his nails buffed. But what about eyecare?

Not to sound too short-sighted, but most men don’t take care of their eyes as well as they take care of their cars!

For Father’s Day, let’s look at what men should be aware of when it comes to their eyesight.

This one is familiar to guys who spend hours in the workshop, working at a computer, or driving long distances. Eyestrain occurs when your eyes are overworked. Like any other part of your body, they become fatigued over time. So, allow your eyes to rest as much as possible. If they’re still tired after a few days, visit your nearest Vision Works store for some advice.

How often have you seen your man with bloodshot eyes! I’m sure quite often. This can happen from a late-night poker game with the boys, lack of sleep, or even from allergies. Red eyes might also be a sign of another eye problem, such as conjunctivitis (pinkeye) or UV damage from years of not wearing sunglasses. Try to avoid over the counter eye drops and speak to your nearest Vision Works professional instead.

This is a cloudy film that forms in the eye lens and usually develops slowly over time. They don’t create any symptoms such as discomfort, redness, or tears, so if they are small, they may go unnoticed.
If they begin to interfere with your eyesight, you may need surgery but first, speak to a professional as soon as possible.

Many men, especially in the transport industry, often struggle to see at night. A type of night blindness that needs special treatment is caused by near-sightedness, cataracts, and a lack of vitamin A. Some people are born with this issue, while others get it as a result of a degenerative retinal illness.
Therefore, it’s always best to get professional advice first.

So, why not treat the father in your life to an eye test at Vision Works? It’s the quickest way to check his eye health.

But, you may have to lure him there, because as we know, most men are short-sighted when it comes to their eye health.