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One of the realities of getting older is that sooner or later our ability to see clearly, especially up close, gets less and less.  This natural aging process is referred to as “presbyopia”. It literally means “old eye” in Greek. Luckily there are lenses available that can give you clear vision, not only while reading, but at every distance.

There are hundreds of different types of multifocal lenses available on the market, and each has their own features and benefits. So when choosing your next pair of lenses, these are a couple of key features that you need to consider:


As the word “multifocal” implies, these lenses help you see at various, or multiple, distances.  So in essence it is not just one lens, but rather 3 lenses in one. The lens is divided into 3 parts or visual zones: Near (for reading), Mid (for computer and desk distances) and Distance (far vision). Having the limitations of available space on a single lens, the sign of a good multifocal is the ability to find a balance between the 3 zones and comfort of switching between them. 


As manufacturing techniques improve the best lenses all incorporate what is known as FreeForm or “Digital” surfacing. Unlike older generation lenses, digitally enhanced multifocals are made “pixel perfect” by calculating and surfacing each point on the lens individually. By doing this, not only can they guarantee the most accurate prescription possible, but with the more advanced lenses, they can actually optimize the lens design to suit your specific prescription giving you the widest visual zones possible for that specific design


We all have different styles and visual requirements. Some spend hours in front of a pc, whilst other demand the latest in designer frames to match their look. So clearly, one multifocal design will not be ideal for all people. Through digital design technology, you can tailor the multifocal design to match your specific lifestyle, frame choice or even the way a specific frame fits your unique facial features.