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As far as humans go, we’re quite an adaptable bunch. While we can be stubborn or bull-headed by nature, when changes come, we seem to adapt well.

The same can be said about adapting to certain changes in our bodies. As we get older, we have to ‘pivot’ and embrace that our eyes will get weaker over time. But like most
things, if we have regular check-ups and address the problem early on, we can age happily and gracefully!

With a lot of strain on our eyes from staring at screens all day, there will come a time when multifocal lenses are the way to go.

They too have adapted over the years and do not resemble those hideous contraptions from the past.

One of the main reasons you would shift to multifocal lenses is to avoid using different spectacles. You may have heard negative stories regarding multifocal lens adaptation.

The most prevalent one is feeling weird while using stairs or escalators.The reason is, that the power of the lenses shifts from far to near, creating a woozy experience for the wearer.

Multifocal lenses differ from single vision lenses, which have just one power throughout the whole surface of the lens, and bifocal lenses, which have two set powers in the far and close zones.

Here are a few things you can do to help you adapt to your multifocals faster and remove the
negative aspects:
• They should be your only pair
• Wear them to get used to them
• Make sure you’re wearing a frame that fits your face properly
• Consider removing them while descending stairs or escalators

Once you get your new multifocal lenses, these symptoms may occur:
• Headaches
• Nausea or dizziness
• Having trouble adjusting in the first few minute
• Focusing between different distances

But don’t worry, these symptoms don’t last and patience above all needs to be exercised!

Well-tailored multifocal glasses will fit into your life; therefore, you should use them for the majority of your activities.

So, embrace the fact that with ageing comes a few discomforts.

But if you book an appointment at your nearest Vision Works store, you will always be a few steps ahead of any visual issue and not live to regret not sorting it out before!