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As the heart of winter draws nearer and nearer we often start to realize our eyes are not quite coping as well as they usually do. Below are a few tips to keep those peepers in tip top condition throughout winter.Windproof Your Eyes

1.Windproof Your Eyes

The arrival of winter can often result in the extreme wind causing the protective layer which covers the eyes, otherwise known as the tear film to evaporate. This can lead to unnecessary dryness and irritation of the eyes. There are however ways to get around this. Sunglasses are often associated with only reflecting the sun on hot summer days but wraparound sunglasses are very handy for all weather conditions keeping out dust and debris. If you don’t, however, feel comfortable sunglasses for all weather conditions the perhaps try a stylish brimmed hat or a comfortable hoody.

2.The Scary Winter Sun

As previously mentioned, most people think that sunglasses are only for protection against the sun, but truth be told, it doesn’t actually need to warm outside for your eyes to need protection from the sun. If you find yourself in a snowy destination the reflection of the UV rays bouncing off the snow is extremely bad if not worse for your eyes. So be sure to carry your shades with you at all times.


Let’s be honest, having a heater in the home during winter makes all the difference. Though while having a heater or central heating suddenly makes winter marginally bearable, is however particularly damaging to the eyes as the heater dries out the air leaving no moisture for the eyes whatsoever. A humidifier is a great way to counteract the dryness and provide more moisture in the air, failing which therapeutic eye drops are also a great way to provide moisture to the eyes. For eye contact users, eye drops are imperative to keep fluidity in the eyes as well.

4.Is My cold and flu infection a problem?

Having a cold or flu virus can cause puffiness of the eyes causing them to be painful and sore. This is caused by the inflammation of the membrane that covers the front of your eyes, known as the conjunctiva. To avoid this, wash your hands regularly or stay as far away from people with a severe cold or flu.

5.Sharing is not Caring When it Comes to Make-Up

Ladies, we fall into the trap of wanting to try our friends latest eyeliner or eye makeup products. Don’t do it! Unfortunately, you are opening yourself up to contracting a nasty bacterial, fungal or viral infection. This is the one time when sharing is not caring. You might want to stay free of problems like conjunctivitis or herpes simplex.

Pop into a Vision Works to have your eyes this winter to keep your eyes winter ready at all times.