Hearing Works: Services Offered


Free Hearing Screening

If you’re not sure whether you have a hearing problem, Hearing Works 10-minute hearing screening is a quick and easy way to find out.  The screening is free and you don’t need an appointment!

Simply ask the staff in store.  

Then, if you need to arrange a comprehensive hearing test, our audiologists offer these as well!


Affordable Hearing Test

A full diagnostic hearing assessment, which is performed by an Audiologist is in a sound-proof booth. The purpose of this assessment is to determine if a hearing loss exists.
If so, the Audiologist can establish the cause, type and severity of the hearing loss, as well as plan for treatment.

The Audiologist will perform a variety of outer, middle and inner ear teats to independently test each part of the ear. The entire assessment process is comfortable, painless and safe.


Hearing Aids

Click here for more information about our hearing aid process.


Free Demonstration

As part of the comprehensive hearing assessment at Hearing Works, the audiologist can also provide you with a free hearing aid demonstration on any of the latest digital hearing aids.


Hearing Aid Aftercare Programme

The Hearing Works bespoke hearing aftercare programme is individually tailored to your needs and is included as standard practice, at no additional charge, with all digital hearing aid purchases. Click here for more information.



At Hearing Works, our audiologists provide tinnitus counselling as part of our standard full audiological assessment.  Should you require further support, we will refer you for tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) and/or cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) with the appropriate trusted professional.


Industrial Services

Hearing Works audiologists can assess and report on industry and HR related processes. We conduct hearing screenings and diagnostic hearing tests as requested. Further recommendations are made based on the individual’s results.


Hearing Protection Devices

At Hearing Works, our audiologists advocate that “prevention is always better than cure”.
The audiologist can provide you with two solutions:  Instant-fit hearing protection and custom-fit hearing protection.
Instant-fit hearing protection: made-to-purchase earplugs are suitable for any age, no appointment is required.
Custom-fit hearing protection: made to suit the individual, are suitable for any age, offer hearing protection at its best.  A short appointment with the audiologist is required for impression-taking of your ear canals. This is a short, painless and safe procedure.
Whether instant-fit or custom-fit hearing protection, Hearing Works offers solutions that cater for swimming, sleeping, musicians, DJ’s, motorcyclists, shooting/hunting, travelling, parties, and general noise situations


Ear Wax Removal

Hearing Works offer an ear wax removal service. The audiologists are trained to remove and manage wax in the ear canal.  This includes removing any wax that may be obstructing your ear canal.  When it is necessary, the audiologist will refer you to trusted ENT’s for further treatment and follow up after the treatment was completed. Click here for more information.