Getting a Hearing Aid


How to choose Hearing Aids

At Hearing Works, our audiologists understand what hearing loss feels like and will use their expertise to find a solution that best meets your needs, lifestyle and budget.  The price of hearing aids is determined by the type and number of features they have, not the severity of your hearing loss or what they look like.  At Hearing Works, there is no extra charge for different fitting styles.

Hearing Works gives you Two Hearing Aids

Hearing loss naturally occurs in both ears, so helping both ears will mean you can hear more clearly and more naturally.  That’s why at Hearing Works, we give you two hearing aids, programmed to work together.

Same Day Test and Fit

In most cases, our audiologists can fit your hearing aids on the same day as your test. They will programme your hearing aids with precision to suit your needs, verify they are working optimally for you, and make sure you know how to use them before you leave the store.  The audiologist will also organise a follow-up appointment after four weeks to check that everything is well and fine-tune the programming if necessary.

World-leading hearing aid technology

Hearing Works offers you a range of digital hearing aids that can do remarkable things.  Designed and built by world-leading manufacturers, they are packed with technology and feature the newest innovations in hearing assistance.  They don’t just turn up the volume; they identify the sounds you
want to hear and filter out the rest – Perfect for conversations in noisy rooms.  They’re so clever they learn and remember your settings for different situations, can connect to your TV and even help you answer your mobile phone.  They can also function as a wireless headset as they connect directly to your mobile phone, which you can control with an App.  What is more, they’re available to you at affordable Hearing Works prices.


Free Demonstration

As part of the comprehensive hearing assessment at Hearing Works, the audiologist can also provide you with a free hearing aid demonstration on any of the latest digital hearing aids.
Our audiologists believe this is a great way to learn how the new digital hearing aids will perform, and they can also show you how they can help your hearing in different environments using some clever computer simulations and live speech mapping.  The audiologists always recommend that you are accompanied by someone you know during the hearing assessment as it helps to have a familiar voice to listen to during the hearing aid demonstrations.
With digital hearing aid technology changing so fast and with so many options available, its best to listen for yourself.  Together with the audiologist’s professional assistance, you can decide what best suits you, your budget and your lifestyle.