what does cucumber on the yes really do?

September 01, 2017

what does cucumber on the yes really do?

You must have come across the cliché that Cucumbers are miraculous for the eyes. It does wonders. Yes! It’s true. Cucumber has a magical power to heal. There are enlightening benefits of cucumber on eyes.

You might have seen women having put cucumber slices on their eyes and relaxing; you might be curious if it is really effective.

Below are a few of the benefits of the traditional fruit- cucumber on the skin:

  • Cucumbers are often used for the dark circles under the eyes. This skin lightening effect can also make your skin appear youthful and glowing.
  • Using cucumber on a sunburn can provide instant, cooling relief.
  • Cucumber pulp can improve your skin’s complexion, especially if you are experiencing redness or irritation.
  • Cucumbers can help tighten open pores.
  • Oddly enough, cucumber is not just beneficial for the face and eyes. It can be used on cellulite!
  • Cucumbers are 95% water, so in essence, they are a great moisturizer for the skin.
  • Cucumbers are high in vitamin E and potassium to reduce fine lines, act as an anti-wrinkle treatment, reduce blemishes and many other signs of ageing.
  • Cucumbers on eyes also work well because cucumbers are high in silica and antioxidants.

All these benefits have made this traditional fruit staple in the beauty world. Eat and apply to reap double benefits.

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