We are Gigi Barcelona

July 08, 2016

We are Gigi Barcelona


Independent eyewear brand, with one of the most avant-garde and trendsetting collections of the moment in the international market.

With a very own vintage style, inspired in the universe of art, cinema, and music of the past decades

 Timeless, modern spectacles and sunglasses for the men and women of today, strong, stylish and with character.

 Quality is the most important commitment of the brand. We take care of every detail in the development and production of our eyewear models, creating unique pieces of handicraft. Frames and sunglasses, made with the upper-level standards of quality, and produced with the top Italian materials.


[...] It was 1978 and I was 17 years old. I travelled to Rome for my graduation trip and one evening. I met the most charming girl on the stairs of Piazza di Spagna, her name was Gigi. She was a beautiful dark­haired girl, that remind me of Claudia Cardinale.

 I remember that we started to talk and we kissed for the first time on a bridge. I invited her to dinner with all my year savings, in a small terrace of a restaurant in the Trastavere neighbourhood. I loked straight to her eyes not being sure that she was staring at me. She was wearing a pair of black spectacles, I could perceive her eyes, the way they spilled over me a light lost in the dark night. I caressed her hand and I touched her lips with my finger. I touched the wet red, her fragrance of rain and fire. She caught my shoulder and

I could see in that moment her blue, intense eyes... Unnameables.

We got up. She dropped a chair. We escaped running without paying. Flying like birds through the stone streets. We invented a new story. We hugged each other and I kissed her eyes. In that moment the sky of Rome fell down over us. With its big drops, spotting softly our faces with water. She started to run. She said goodbye in italian but I could not understand her. And she was already too far when I realized that her spectacles were on the ground beneath my feet.

Her other eyes, now forever mine. [...]


Gigi Barcelona is closely linked to art and design. All brand seasons are based on collaborations with different multidisciplinary artists .

Collaboration with Carreras

Carreras is internationally known for his work as an art director in advertising, as well as for their style and talent as a painter . He has won numerous

awards in both fields and in recent years has exhibited in prestigious galleries in cities around the world like New York , Berlin, Paris ,

London, Barcelona and so on . Carreras has conducted a series of seven works Designated for GIGI Barcelona that will be the base

of our campaign in the 2015/2016 season. GIGI BARCELONA UNIVERSE Prominent and recognized Bloggers ,Influencers

and Celebrities ,both national and international , they  collaborated with the brand , posting  in their social networks the most

daring models of the brand. Here are some of our favorite images from Instagram. These pictures represent the true 

essence of Gigi Barcelona :

Vintage , modern and timeless style.



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