The truth about brown eyes 1-3

May 02, 2017

The truth about brown eyes 1-3


Surrounding the pupil is the coloured part of the eye which is known as the Iris. Due to the complex composition and markings which make up this Iris, making it as unique as your fingerprint. 

 Melanin is the pigment that determines or is responsible for the colour in our eyes and people with dark brown eyes have way more melanin than most. There are in fact many benefits to having brown eyes. Read on to see what we’ve discovered about brown eyed beauties. You might in fact have a super power after all.


1.Brown Eyes Help Prevent Some Cancers

Melanoma cancer is more common in people whose eyes have less melanin. While this does not mean going without sunglasses altogether, however the large amounts of melanin in brown eyes acts as a protective layer to the eyes.


2.Brown Eyes Are the Most Common Eye Colour

As the theory goes, our ancestors all had brown eyes as they lived in warmer climates. As they slowly migrated to cooler climates where the need for melanin decreased, so their eye colour became lighter. It is said that there are still places in continents such as Asia and Africa where brown eyes are the only colour


3.Reaction Times Are Faster in People With Brown Eyes

Not only does Melanin give you brown eyes but it also doubles up as an insulator for electrical connections within the brain. This simply means that those with brown eyes might find that their response times are much quicker giving you an added advantage when playing ball sports such as hockey or cricket.

Truths 4 - 6  coming soon 

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