SILMO trend analysis

July 08, 2016

SILMO trend analysis

Silmo is the international optics and eyewear trade fair in Paris. This annual trade welcomes the professionals of the optical & eyewear sector (opticians, optometrists, ophthalmologists, manufacturers etc).

According to Silmo the below frames were the best trends out of 1350 brands exhibiting in the show.

So perhaps it’s time to do a little audit to see how you are squaring up (or rounding off) in 2016.

  1. Soft 1960’s: 1960s-inspired retro shapes sees soft feline and rounded shapes gaining momentum again
  2. Angular: Subtly angled edges through to more directional statement pieces
  3. The Aviator: The aviator is refreshed as brands play with new materials, shapes and constructions
  4. 1980s Visor: A statement item which evokes a real 1980s feel
  5. Fine Metal: Fine metal with a less-is-more approach
  6. Round: Rounded eyewear frames are becoming more commercial – lookout for the Flip-up and clip-on sunglasses which brands are employing for this item
  7. Semi-Rimless: Experimentation includes lower rims, square shapes, and varying frame thickness
  8. Zero Base: Ultra flat lenses, also dubbed ‘zero base’ give us a more modern, futuristic feel, and work across a range of sunglass shapes
  9. Iridescent Lenses: Colours to look out for are pink and red tones, as well as blue green gradations
  10. Crystal Clear: Frames continue to be the most commercial execution of plastics across both sunglasses and optical styles
  11. Frosted: Seemed to have re-emerged as a material trend. Look out for both light and dark colour tints, as well as classic effects such as tortoiseshell
  12. Double Bridge: The double bridge moves on from previous seasonso feature across a diverse selection of styles
  13. Contrast Temples: Temples in contrasting materials, colours and patterns has become a commercial item. Interchangeable temples also enables the wearer to personalise their eyewear
  14. Pastels: Ladies look out for the fun summer hues such as milky plum tones, through to  turquoise and peach
  15. Forest Green: Emerging as a colour to watch out for this season is dark green
  16. Classic Tortoise Shell: Classic tortoiseshell for eyewear returns across a range of both traditional and more modern styles
  17. Whites: Are still making a statement including varying tones, print and pattern finishes across arrange of different materials
  18. Blue: Ranging from pastels to royal blue. Both lenses and frames tap into this emerging new neutral tone
  19. Material Mixes: With more traditional and more sophisticated techniques being revisited, a combination of sports and fashion throws focus on fine details within eyewear.

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Source : http/en.silmoparis.com