See Clearly Now

November 16, 2016

See Clearly Now


You may not have heard many people compare your prescription glasses to an old TV. 

But Louis Medallie, Marketing Manager for Hoya, says that the difference between the traditional lenses you’re wearing now and the new free-form, high definition lenses is very similar to the evolution we experienced with TV screens.

‘Remember when you swopped your old TV for your new high-definition flat screen? Remember the first time you saw the colours and contrasts? That’s how wearers of free-form prescription lenses feel,’ he says.

With technology advancing in leaps and bounds, the digital manufacturing process custom-makes your lenses to your specific prescription to give you bespoke glasses. ‘It can be compared to the hand tailoring of clothing,’ says Louis. ‘It even takes into account the position of how the frame sits on your face.'

For those who wear multifocals, free-form lenses will dramatically reduce the feeling of nausea some people experience.

Those fashionistas who need high prescription distance or near lenses will benefit too by being able to choose trendy larger frames.

‘Free-form lenses are better suited to natural eye rotation. Unlike conventional technology which caters only for looking up and down or left and right, you will get great results from your free-form lenses no matter in which direction you look,’ Louis says.

It is estimated that more that 95% of multifocal wearers in Japan choose high-definition lenses. In the US, the figure stands at 85% with around 90% of lenses in Europe being digitally-produced.

Louis believes South Africans wearing free-form lenses – now at around 25% of the market and growing – won’t look back.


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