Myths about contact lenses

Myths about contact lenses

There still seems to be a fair amount of uncertainty around the subject of contact lenses. Below are 8 myths which seem to be keeping our consumers up at night. 

1. I can't wear contact lenses.

Yes you can! Most people can in fact wear contact lenses. For people with presbyopia, there are now bifocal contact lenses, and for people with astigmatism there are toric soft lenses. 

2. A contact lens will get lost behind my eye.

Never! The white of the eye is covered by a thin membrane known as the conjunctiva. This membrane is connected to your eyelids, making it impossible for a contact lens to get lost behind the eye.

3. Contact lenses are uncomfortable.

Like anything in life one might have to endure a short adaption period but after this brief period most people don’t even notice that they are wearing contact lenses. If you do experience any minor discomfort this can easily be rectified once the cause is identified 

4. Contact lenses can get permanently stuck to my eye.

This is easily prevented by applying sterile saline or a multipurpose contact lens solution. The moisture will keep the soft lens from sticking to the surface of the eye.

5. Contact lenses are too much trouble to take care of.

Wrong! One-bottle contact lens care systems make cleaning and disinfecting your lenses easy. Or you can choose to eliminate contact lens care altogether by wearing daily disposables or 30-day extended wear contact lenses.

6. Wearing contact lenses causes eye problems.

Not caring for your contact lenses properly can lead to a variety of eye infections. Always contact your eye doctor first before making a decision about lens cleaning products. Some products are not compatible with each other or with certain contact lenses..

7. Contact lenses are too expensive.

Not true! Contact lenses can sometimes cost less than a good pair of eyeglasses.

8. I'm too old to wear contact lenses.

Who says? With the advent of bifocal contact lenses, and contacts that are specially designed for dry eyes, advancing age is no longer the barrier to successful contact lens wear it once was. 

We at Vision Works want our consumers to make an informed decision about contact lenses and the protection of their eyes, because you know what they say…. Always LOVE YOUR EYES!!



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