Keep calm i'm not crying

Keep calm i'm not crying

In order to maintain vision and comfort the eye requires a certain amount of tears to provide constant moisture. Our tears are made up of water, for moisture; oils, for lubrication; mucus, for even spreading; antibodies and special proteins, for resistance to infection. These components are evenly secreted by their various glands located around the eye. If for some reason there is an imbalance in the tear system, one may experience dry eyes.

Below are a few symptoms of a person who may be experiencing inadequately lubricated eyes:

  • Pain
  • Light sensitivity
  • A gritty sensation
  • Or sand in the eye
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Blurring of vision

An abnormal amount of tears running down your face happens because the eye realises that it is not getting enough lubrication so it sends a distress signal to the nervous system, and in turn completely floods the eye. The problem is these tears, they are merely water. They are not rich with the necessary components to sufficiently lubricate the eyes.

What Causes Dry Eye?

Apart from the usual day to day environmental conditions which could cause dry eye such as air conditioning or heat, there are a number of other conditions that may occur such as:

  • The natural aging process, especially menopause
  • Side effects of certain drugs such as antihistamines and birth control pills
  • Diseases that affect the ability to make tears, such as Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and collagen vascular diseases,
  • Structural problems with the eyelids that don’t allow them to close properly

How Are Dry Eyes Treated?

While dry eye cannot be cured, below are a few steps you can take to treat them.

  • Artificial tear drops - Over-the-counter lubricating eye drops
  • Restasis - if OTC eye drops don’t work then perhaps you need prescription eye drops
  • Steroid Eye Drops - Are the best artificial tears for dry eye caused by inflammation
  • Lacrisert - Is a solid insert that slowly liquefies over time to provide all day lubrication                                                                      
  • Punctual Plugs - Assist with not allowing tears to drain from the eye that way tear film stays intact
  • Meibomian Gland Expression - Applying pressure on the gland that releases oil (meibum) into the eye will keep the tear film from evaporating too quickly
  • LipiFlow - A device fits onto the eye and applies precisely enough heat to the eyelids to soften hardened meibum

Above are treatment options which you should discuss with your eye care specialist. Pop in to any Vision Works and chat to one of our eye care specialist. Love your eyes… It’s the right thing to do!


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