EYE ON DIY - Natural branch coasters

September 07, 2016

EYE ON DIY - Natural branch coasters

Making a set of branch coasters from a fallen tree will allow the beauty of that wood to live on and tell the story in its rings. When you are out pruning and cutting back the garden, take a look at what you are about to throw in the firewood pile or the trash. You might be able to make something really beautiful out of it.

DIY Branch Coasters

The next time you see someone hacking at an old tree take a moment to see if you can collect some of the older thick branches. The project is simple but it will take some time to cut and sand each piece.  The more time you spend getting them right, the nicer the final product will be.


·              Straight branches that are no smaller than 3.5” in diameter

·              Hand saw

·              Sandpaper

.              Clear Varnis

Make it!

1. Using the saw cut sections of branches that ½” thick.

2. Sand each section with heavy grit sandpaper, and then use a finer grit to smooth out the surface.  Do not sand the bark on the edges.

3. Coat front, back, and sides with clear varnish and let dry.  Untreated wood can also look beautiful as it absorbs the drips and condensation from the glasses that sit on it.


How do you keep them from cracking?

Dry the wood slowly in a cool, dry room before cutting the coasters. A few may crack, but you can just discard those as I am sure you should have plenty more to work with.

What varnish/stain did you use?

You can use a clear wood varnish. The varnish was labelled as clear, but it does have a honey color in the can. It made the final coasters look a little darker than the dry wood (like wet wood) which we quite liked

Don’t they leak sap?

No. Perhaps a different kind of wood could leak sap. But we dried the wood thoroughly so don’t be too hasty when drying the wood.

Did you glue felt or anything to keep the coaster from marking the furniture?

When sanded they are smooth so won’t scratch anything, and they are varnished and dry so they don’t stain. You certainly could put felt or little feet on them if you choose though.


Source: Garden Therapy:                 www.gardentherapy.ca



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