EYE ON DIY How to make melted crayon art

July 08, 2016

EYE ON DIY How to make melted crayon art

How to Make Melted Crayon Art

Melted crayon art is an easy and fun thing to do for those artistic adventurers out there. It's so simple, yet the end result can be stunning. No wonder the trend is all the rage! You can create your own masterpiece by using some crayons, a canvas, and a blow-dryer or hot glue gun.

Method: Using a Hair Dryer

Step 1: Get your supplies. 

You will need a canvas (your choice of size), crayons (your choice depending on the size of the canvas), a hot glue gun, and a hair/blow dryer. You'll probably want to lay newspaper or an old t-shirt or blanket under the canvas in case the wax splatters, too. Whatever area you think will get messy, cover up a bit more on each side. Don't forget to cover up yourself too! Hot colored wax on your skin and nice clothes shouldn't be part of this project.

Step 2: Sort the crayons out. 

Sort depending on what you want. A rainbow is a popular design, so if you choose it, place the crayons in the order of the rainbow. Some people order their crayons lightest to darkest, others use different shades of the same color. The arrangement is totally up to you. Just make sure you have enough to cover the entire top of the canvas. Repeating colors is just as beautiful.

Step 3: Hot glue each crayon in order on the top of your canvas. 

Some people keep the wrappers on and some take them off, but either way works. You can opt to unwrap the crayons and cut them in half. This makes it look more natural and keeps the top three inches of your canvas from being obviously lined with crayons.

Step 4: Slant the canvas so that the wax will drip. 

A common idea is to lean it against a wall. If you do lean it against a wall, tape newspaper onto the wall to avoid any accidents.

Step 5: Use your blow dryer and blow the crayons. 

It's best to point the blow dryer downwards so that the wax will drip. Take note that this will get messy! However, it doesn't really matter how messy it gets, as long as your newspapers are laid out correctly.You can use birthday candles for quicker melting. It's a bit more dangerous and the candle wax drips everywhere, too. If you'd rather be messy than pressed for time, a candle might be a better bet for you. A heat gun is also a quicker alternative and can be picked up at most craft supply stores.

Step 6: Let your work dry.

Step 7: Add final details. 

Clean up your work. Remove the crayons and collect all the dried bits of wax that have seeped onto less than desirable areas. Color in whatever you want to if desired.

Step 8: Display your artwork! 

Hang it up on the wall, post it on Facebook or Tumblr, call over a family member. Show your creativity to the world; they'll love it! The kids will, too!



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