EYE ON DIY: DIY Marquee Sign

EYE ON DIY: DIY Marquee Sign

With “Silly Season” and the festive season being the prevailing theme over the next couple of weeks, we thought it might be a great idea to get ahead of the pack and add marquee lights as an additional option in your existing bouquet of Christmas lights. They might not be something new but they are always a hit, and who knew how simple they are to make.


Cardboard letters (From an arts and crafts shop)
X-Acto knife
Screw driver
String Globe Lights


Cut out one side of each of the cardboard letters with an X-Acto knife.  This is pretty easy to do and was a fairly neat process.

In the string lights packaging, the light bulbs were sitting in a cardboard tray, and I figured the holes in them would make the perfect tool to trace perfectly sized openings onto the cardboard letters.  So, I cut one of them out to use as a tracing guide.

However if your packaging is slightly different its fairly simple to create your own frame using cardboard and a small coin.

I traced circles on the inside of the cardboard letters where I wanted the lightbulbs to go. Then, I used an X-Acto knife to cut a cross in the center of each circle, making sure the cuts went all the way to the edges of each circle.  Flipping over the cardboard letters to the front side, I used a screwdriver to poke through and enlarge each hole.  Finally, I inserted the lightbulbs in each hole and screwed on the backings, shoving the wires in place within the cardboard edges.

We really liked the original cardboard look but if you would like to paint them red perhaps in the spirit of Christmas that would also be a great idea and also really simple.   

Have fun with this project!



Homey Oh My: http://www.homeyohmy.com/diy-marquee-sign/

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