EYE ON DIY No sew pocket T-shirt

July 31, 2016

EYE ON DIY No sew pocket T-shirt

Easy T’s have been become so popular in recent years. By now you probably have a collection of easy T’s in a variety of colours. Wouldn’t be fabulous if you didn’t have to purchase a whole new collection but still be able to expand on your wardrobe. We might just have a solution for you… Simply add a pocket to your T-shirt


Pocket T-shirts are trending at the moment and we thought it would make an easy DIY project- a cheap and simple way to update a plain tee. It truly takes 10 minutes top (plus drying time) and couldn't be easier.

You will need:

· T-shirt

· Piece of fabric (about 6"x6" or 5"x5")

· Post-it (optional)

· Iron

· Scissors

· Pen or pencil

· Fabric glue

· A piece of paper

· The free pattern, a printer, and heavy-weight paper or a piece of cardboard

· No printer? No problem. Simply draw a pocket pattern on cardboard.

Before you start, decide where you want your pocket to be placed. An easy way to do this is to wear your tee-shirt, look in a mirror and place a post-it where you would like the pocket to be placed. Iron your tee-shirt and your piece of fabric, to prevent any unwanted wrinkles. 

1. Print the free pattern onto heavy weight paper, or print onto standard paper then transfer onto cardboard. Cut along the external lines.  

2. Place the pattern on your fabric, trace and cut. 

3. Cut the pattern along the internal lines, then place it onto the piece of fabric. 

4. Carefully pull up each fabric edge around the pattern guide and iron flat. Remove the guide. 

5. Delicately apply fabric glue along one edge, trying to distribute it evenly. Press firmly. Repeat until all edges are hemmed.  Then place a book above the the pocket (or anything that has a flat base) and let it dry for about half an hour. 

6. When your pocket is fully dry, place a piece of paper inside your shirt (so that no glue seeps through) and delicately apply fabric glue along the edges, trying to distribute it evenly. Place your pocket onto your tee, press firmly and let dry for about half an hour. 

Voilà! Wear your t-shirt proudly. 

Perhaps you would prefer a leather or a pocket on your sleeve. There are so many different and fun ways to get creative with this simple DIY idea.

Have fun!!



Source:           Oh The Lovely Things:            www.ohthelovelythings.com  




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