Iconic Frames - Elvis

February 29, 2016

Iconic Frames - Elvis

“A person’s eyes tell you more than words…” – Elvis Presley

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of Elvis Presley? Could it be his pompadour haircut, the pink Cadillac, his expressive hip movements or the sequined costumes he wore throughout his later performances? For me a serious contender has to be the “Nautic 2” neostyle sunglasses he donned in Las Vegas.

There are few stars who can be compared to Elvis Presley. None when it comes to rock and roll. The King was famous for more than just his lyrics and film roles. His swagger and love of bling helped to cement his place as a global icon. His image was carefully crafted, from his sandy brown hair dyed pitch black to his famed lopsided sneer.

Elvis’ face would fit into the oval face shape category, despite having some prominent features. Many people call this the holy grail of face shapes as the proportions are considered to be very attractive in our modern day, western society. It is also known to suit just about any frame of sunglasses or glasses. Larger frames such as the neostyles preferred by Presley accentuated his features, including his conspicuous check bones and broad chin. The bold size of these frames cover a substantial amount of the face, giving the wearer an air of mystery about them. An approach taken by many celebrities in current times.

When considering which frames to purchase, one should always consider the frame colour and how well it compliments their hair colour. The dark hair worn by Presley really accentuated his chosen gold coloured frames through the contrast they provided.

There is a difference between looking good and creating an iconic image that lasts through the ages. Elvis Presley certainly accomplished the latter. It is no wonder he is one of the most impersonated individuals in History.



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