Your'e sweet enough already

February 24, 2016

Your'e sweet enough already

The sudden cloudiness or blurriness of your vision could very possibly be caused by high blood sugar levels. Heading out to buy a new pair of glasses is not necessarily the solution to your eye problem. These could just be temporary problems caused by diabetes. These complications could be minimised with regular annual visits to your doctor.

Diabetes or high blood sugar levels cause the eye lens to swell, which impairs the vision. You can reduce the risk of these eye problems by improving your blood sugar control. To improve your blood sugar control the blood sugar level needs to be reduced to its target range (70 – 130 milligrams per decilitre or mg/dL before meals, and less 180 mg/dL one to two hour after a meal). Your Doctor will be able to advise you on your personal target range as well as provide you with guidelines to maintaining “normal blood sugar”, which will decrease your chances of developing eye diseases. These guidelines may include insulin and other medications, dietary modifications, and exercise.

The three main eye problems that people with diabetes could be facing are:

  1. Cataracts: Cloudiness in the lens of the eye which leads to blurred vision
  2. Glaucoma: Occurs when pressure in the eye increases, caused by fluids not draining properly from the eye
  3. Retinopothy: The blood vessels in the retina become weak and in turn become damaged causing the blood vessels to leak. If the fluid leaks into the centre of the retina, this can cause the vision to become blurry. 

Should you be suffering from symptoms such as black spots in your vision; flashes of light; “holes” in your vision; and blurred vision, you should contact your doctor at your soonest convenience to address the problems and avoid them developing.

The eyes may be the windows to your soul, but they are also the windows to your health. People may not know this but many illnesses can be detected during an eye exam. “In some cases, an eye exam may be life-saving”, says Dr Rebecca Taylor, M.D. of Nashville Vision Associates.

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