Super HD Lenses

February 23, 2016

Super HD Lenses

Now I See….

Gone are the days of glasses being viewed as an unfashionable burden. In current times, glasses are a major part of the fashion world. One can purchase a seemingly unending range of styles, colours, shapes and sizes. There are many people who now wear glasses as a part of their personal fashion statement.

Having conquered the aesthetics of the glasses conundrum, I had only one more grievance. The effect my lenses had on my body. Like many people, I spend an average of eight to ten hours in front of my computer screen every day. Needless to say, my eyes have taken a lot of strain over the years. Despite multiple eye tests, helpful advice from optometrists and trying several types of lenses, I suffered from headaches which felt as if my eyeballs were being kicked from behind by studded boots. The long hours of use often left me feeling dizzy due to the distortion around the edge of the lenses. I also battled with constant tension in my neck and upper back. This was due to the continuous swiveling of my neck as I tried to take in every detail on my screen.

As of this year I can honestly tell you I no longer suffer from any of these grievances. I heard about an advancement in lens creation, one which had recently come onto the market. The name says it all really, Super HD Lenses. Now I admit to being a little sceptical at first, as I am with most new product claims on the market. In the end, all it took was a quick visit to my optometrist at Vision Works. She talked me through the product and explained to me why these lenses would literally change the way I see the world.

Not only do these Super HD Lenses ensure a wider field of vision, they are comfortable to use, even over the many hours I require them each day. The tension in my back and neck has reduced significantly and I feel a lot more relaxed at work now. The clarity of these lenses are unreal. I feel for the first time I can see what I want, even at distance, without having to constantly move around to get things into focus. I am able to get through my work load in less time which reduces the hours I have to sit in front of my computer on a daily basis. Best of all, when I leave my desk, I often find I’ve forgotten I’m actually wearing glasses!

Furthermore, I wasn’t merely handed a ‘One Size Fits All’ pair of glasses. I received one tailor made for my eyes. The optometrist explained to me every millimeter on the lens surface has its own calculation value, thereby enabling each individual prescription to be uniquely cut into the lens surface. In other words, no matter what your prescription, Vision Works can always ensure an optimal visual performance for every personal situation.

My wife is a brilliant photographer. I know this now. She would often get frustrated with me as I could not truly appreciate her art as it should have been. This has all changed thanks to Super HD Lenses. I can also appreciate my children’s artwork more. I feel I have only recently been given the true gift of sight. I encourage other sufferers out there to give this product a try. It may just change the way you see your world.



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