Parisian Chic

April 08, 2016

Parisian Chic

Ask anyone to describe French style and you are likely to hear terms like “classic”, “Parisian chic”, or  “Morgan de toi”!

Designing since 1947, the globally popular brand has earned a very prominent position in many women's wardrobes with their noteworthy Morgan women's clothing collections. Two sisters Jocelyne Bismuth and Odette Barouch founded their small family business. A profoundly Parisian brand, Morgan became legendary around the world in several years, with over 50 stores worldwide.

Morgan de toi is in touch with a young, active, urban customer base  who take responsibility for themselves while attuned to the values of femininity, originality and freedom.

For just over 40 years the Parisian brand has set itself up in the ready-to-wear world and built itself a fabled image in France and internationally. The brands sunglass range has undoubtedly maintained this promise of glamour and individuality.

The extravagant frames of the sunglass and ophthalmic collections complete the look of MORGAN de toi. Whether you are donning the Morgan’s elegant shift dresses, or one of the brands expertly tailored jackets, it’s a win either way!

Each individual frame is as unusual and exciting as the fashion label itself, featuring colourful and detailed designs that embody the MORGAN image .While a limited, ready-to-wear collection, the Morgan de toi sunglasses have in no way failed its trusted consumers with this year’s colour trends. We can expect to see colours such as bright reds, blues, and pinks; tortoise shell and natural shades of beige and brown; black, grey and dusty tones…. On the mark for 2016!

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