5 steps into 20-successteen

March 11, 2016

5 steps into 20-successteen

DIY Out of the "back to work blues"


1. Work It Out

Happiness comes from being in the moment and one of the best ways to practice this is through physical activity. Your brain will always try to take the path of least resistance, it is natural but this year be the captain of your own body and the results might have you addicted. 

  • Challenge yourself to taking up yoga or dancing classes, this is a great way to make new friends.
  • Go for hikes / walks with your friend or dogs, they must have missed you while you were away.
  • Commit to yourself, you will be the only one to benefit ( except maybe your partner :)


2. Divine Dining

I don't mean spending thousands on eating out, rather spend time cooking in. Home cooking is a great way to practice your creativity, control what goes into your body and nourishes your mind to deal with the demands of modern living:

  • Avoid Sugar! It is hard nowadays seeing as 80% of the food on our shelves is sugar rich. Don't let corporations determine your diet, take control.
  • Eat less wheat, even if you’re not wheat intolerant, there is an amazing movement towards replacing wheat products with veggies, like this one.
  • Eat something raw once a day. Boost your metabolism / nutrition intake / energy levels / mindset, need I continue. Start off slow and watch how your body responds in kind.


3. Indulge In Inspiration

Remember your ‘why’. Why am I doing this, what is my intention for working this hard, is it a new house / car or are you less attached to owning items and more attached to owning experiences? Traveling opens your eyes to wonders beyond imagining and is also the only way to gain perspective on how wonderful your life is. What Inspires you? Not sure try these: 

  • Meditate, practice yoga or deep breathing
  • Take your 1000 megapixel camera phone outside, even on a lunch break at work. 
  • Watch a TED video
  • Search for tweets with the hashtag #inspiration
  • Listen to music that moves you
  • Spend time with children
  • Express yourself in different manners
  • Sing in the shower 
  • Watch this


4. Do Different

It is important to balance your work / home / social life. Do something different this year that challenges your mind to thinking of things you would normally by pass. 

  • Go on a date to a gallery instead of a movie
  • Travel in your home city 
  • Go to the theatre 
  • Find a hobby, here are some great tips


5. Discover You Next Destination

The best way to get motivated for 20-success-teen is to start planning your next trip. Go somewhere alien to you, wether thats the far East or under the big blue. Save up for it because you really are worth it and imaging you are already there. 

  • Identity the top tourist attractions of that destination 
  • Find friends to travel with you 
  • It doesn't have to be long, it can be for shorter periods but more often.


Make 20-successteen your own reality.


By Tash Casey


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