Eye on DIY - Christmas table name cards

March 10, 2016

Eye on DIY - Christmas table name cards

It is that time of year where all your guests will be arriving to eat drink and be merry around your beautifully decorated Christmas table, here is a great DIY idea for name place holders to set the scene of your holiday feast.

What you’ll need:

  • your computer 
  • a printer
  • a permanent marker
  • tape
  • A4 acetone sheets / acetone disks (buy these from CNA or stationary type stores) alternitavly you could also use more permanent / thicker plastic disks that can be sourced from a local plastic store or bought here 



01. print out your guests names, I made a document that was three names to a page, you can download free typefaces from here 

02. cut your acetone into disks or into rectangles to place on your plates or dinner table. Place the cut acetone over your printed names

03. securely tape down your acetone to your paper and / or work surface.

04. trace away! you can use a thicker paint pen for the larger areas of black and a thinner one for the smaller, but I used small throughout.

05. let dry for a few minutes, and remove from the paper. you might notice some patches that you missed – so just touch those up and let dry again.

06. you can store the discs between wax paper for the rest of the year. or you can use again for christmas. and every other dinner party ever.




Almost makes perfect


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