Eye on DIY - leather and wood shelving

March 10, 2016

Eye on DIY - leather and wood shelving

Space becoming an issue? Looking for that perfect vintage shelve that combines different material like leather and wood. Buying shelves can be expensive and finding the perfect shelf can be time consuming.
The Vision Works creative team have been on a mission to find an easy and eye catching DIY shelving solution and here it is…

What you’ll need:

2 wooden planks (mine are 12cm wide by 80cm long)
2 - 4 long leather belts
Measuring tape or ruler


Using your measuring tape or ruler, draw a line 5cm’s away from the edge of your wooden plank on either side and all the way around.

Buckle the belts together. Make sure each belt is the same loop size as the other, more or less 150cm in circumference (feel free to buckle two belts together). Make extra holes in the belts if you have too. Place one of the two wooden planks inside the two belt loops using the 5cm marker drawn on the wooden planks already. Make sure the belt buckles are positioned away from any area where you might need to sucure the shelves.

Once you have positioned the belts correctly, aligned with the 5cm line. Hold them so that they cant move and turn the plank over - upside down. Hammer 3 nails into the belt, securing it to the wooden plank.

Flip the board onto its side and hammer one nail into the front and back of each plank, this will ensure stronger security for the belts

Lay the shelve down on its side. Place the second shelve 25cm above the first using the 5cm mark as a guide. Ensure that the boards are level. Hammer a nail into the front and back of the second wooden plank.

Now that the wooden planks are secured in place. Pull the belt loops tight and ensure they are exact. Adjust if you need to.

Your shelf is complete and ready to hang!



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