Eye on DIY - Tin Can Luminaries

March 09, 2016

Eye on DIY - Tin Can Luminaries

With Halloween just around the corner, why not put a little effort into your décor this year. This easy and affordable idea takes very little time and the result is eye catching.

All one requires to complete this task are the following items:

Sharpie or marker in the same colour as your paint
Clean empty tin cans (Big coffee cans are great, any size will work)
Hammer and large nail or awl
Paint brush




  1. Fill the tin can with water and place it in the freezer. When the water in the can is frozen, remove the can from the freezer.
  1. Using the marker, draw whatever image or word onto the tin can. You can freehand or print a design from the internet and then trace it onto the tin can. Keep the design simple though. Design Ideas: outline of a ghost, a bat, a witch’s hat, or words like Boo, Happy Halloween and Trick or Treat.
  1. Place the tin can on a folded towel. This will help brace the tin can and reduce the impact of punching the holes with the hammer.
  1. Use the hammer and awl (or nail) nail to puncture the design in the can.
  1. When you’re done punching the holes, place the can under hot, running water to melt the ice.
  1. Also, since water expands as it freezes, the bottom of your can will probably not be level. If not, then turn the can over, cover with a towel, and hammer down the edges until the bottom of the can is level.

Have a happy Halloween everyone!



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