What’s Your Ray-ban Style?

March 09, 2016

What’s Your Ray-ban Style?

Ray-Ban has been a true American Icon since the 30s, and has outlasted fickle fashion trends and competitors for decades.
Ray-Ban have taken on a number of different timeless shapes and sizes since their inception providing the modern fashionista (or the non-conformist) with endless choices. Amongst many categories, The Icon category comprises of the most popular styles such as Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster, and Cats.
Let’s unpack the various styles of Ray-Ban sunglasses and discover what these styles say about you.

Aviator:    Being the original style Ray-Ban, people who wear Aviators have a more traditional, American sense of fashion. A classic look with little to no attention to creative detail required. As long as you are donning a pair of Aviators, your attention to detail is more than satisfactory

Celebrity Icon: Tom Cruise, Top Gun

(Cockpits, Cats, Caravan, and Highstreet style of Ray-Ban sunglasses are variations or modifications of the classic Aviator)

Wayfarers:    Footless and carefree is the personality that comes to mind. If you’re wearing a pair of Wayfarers you don’t care much for peoples’ opinions on your creative flair, or your outlook on life…. Because Wayfarers simply don’t care!

Celebrity Icon: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany

Clubmaster:    These are known to be unassuming characters or to have intriguing characteristics. Clubmaster wearing people tend to be hippies – in opposition to every day fashion trends. Think artists, musicians, designers and writers, or any occupation which enters into the creative realm

Celebrity Icon/Activist: Malcolm X

Cat Eyes:    The women who wear Cat Eyes have an elegant style of vintage chic, and are less sporty than their previous counterparts. She is the essence of femininity and glamour. If spending is in the name of fashion, Amen Sister!

Celebrity Icon: Marilyn Monroe

Now that you know your Ray-Ban style, it’s important to remember while looking fabulous parading the high streets in your shades (because you do), your sunglasses should always be protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays that can damage your eyesight. UVA and UVB are the two to think about when buying a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. Visit any Vision works near you on National Sunglass Day on the 15th December and get 25% off any designer shades… Let’s not take our vision for granted!  


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