Iconic Frames - Morpheus

March 04, 2016

Iconic Frames - Morpheus

"The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth." - Morpheus

Throughout the course of cinematic history there have been many characters who have epitomised cool. Tony Stark, Dirty Harry, Cool Hand Luke and The Bride from Kill Bill are all examples, but in my opinion, one would be hard pressed to top Morpheus from the Matrix.  

Morpheus, effortlessly played by legendary actor Lawrence Fishburne, is the individual who opens Neo’s eyes to the truth of his so called “reality”, thereby setting him free from the prison that is the matrix. Not only does he accomplish this, he battles agents, delivers inspirational speeches and inevitably helps Zion defend itself against the onslaught of the machines. All this whilst looking as cool and stylish as is humanly possible.

Besides from the full length leather trench coats and tailored classic suites, Morpheus dons a character defining and extremely unique pair of sunglasses. All of the characters from the matrix sported signature shades. The cult-ish label Blinde who pride themselves on producing handmade glasses were responsible for the design and production of these renowned pieces. This was despite heavy competition from Ray-Ban and Arnette. Once again, out of all the characters, Morpheus took the top spot with his sunglasses becoming the most iconic.

Lawrence Fishburne’s face shape fits into the square category, complete with a strong jawline and defined chin. One could say Morpheus has a manly nature to his face. The glasses chosen for the role are small and round. Both of these attributes soften the hard edges of his face. The fact that the sunglasses have no temples or “arms” add to the slimming of the face as no extra width is created. The nose pads on the wire bridge clip onto the bridge of the nose. Morpheus did not have to worry about matching his frames to his hair colour as the famous frames are almost too slight to notice and his head is shaved for the duration of the movies.

Personally I could sit and watch Morpheus for hours, awakening people to the truth of the world and throwing down Kung-Fu moves that would make Bruce Lee proud. Three movies although enough to tell the desired story of the matrix, was perhaps not enough to fully satisfy the diehard fans of the trilogy. A trilogy filled with iconic frames.



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